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    Cost and funding for the 加速审查计划(ARP)

    The ARP is a one-semester preparatory program designed for select students who have the drive to become successful physicians, but who need additional academic and study skills support to ensure their success in CQ9电子游戏' rigorous medical education program. The CQ9电子游戏 admissions department invites select applicants to enroll in the ARP as a prerequisite for enrolling in the main program. Students who successfully complete the ARP with a grade average of 70% or higher are granted admission to the Basic Science or Extended Basic Science program.

    The cost of attendance (COA) for this one-semester program is outlined below.  The COA includes all direct charges that you will be billed for by the university, 以及所有间接费用. This budget is calculated based on the average student, in a capacity to support a modest student lifestyle while enrolled in the program. It is important that you are aware of all anticipated costs for this program, so you can make sufficient financial plans.


    政府 building, Basic Science campus, St. 克里斯多福


    These figures are calculated as follows:

    学费: 学校实际收取的金额

    房间 & 板:

    • Costs for housing expenses are calculated at $1000.00每月
    • 食物津贴包括$100.00每周.
    • Students need to budget for typical living expenses incurred during daily life: housing, 公用事业公司, 食物, 等. The estimates provided anticipate that students will live in safe, 舒适的, but modest accommodations-likely with a roommate.


    • $900.00 for one round trip air-ticket for travel to St. 克里斯多福 at the beginning of the program and to depart the island when the term is over
    • $15.00每周, for transportation expenses on the island

    书 & 供应: to cover cost of any books and school supplied need for the term

    个人杂费: $50.00每周 allowance for any miscellaneous personal expenses

    健康和撤离保险: All students are required to have medical and emergency evacuation insurance. If you do not have coverage you will be given the option to purchase insurance through CQ9电子游戏. If you already have health insurance be sure to contact your provider to ensure coverage will remain effective while you are attending school outside of the U.S.

    • A median rate, of the school sponsored health insurance policy, is included in the COA
    • Actual per semester charge for air-evacuation insurance

    Payment and funding options available for the ARP

    Once you enroll in the program, you will receive a bill from the university Bursar. For information regarding payment options, please contact the 财务主管的办公室.

    In general, you can choose to cover the cost of your ARP semester with:

    • 直接付款: Submitting your payment in full prior to registration with our available 在线支付选项.
    • 一个付款计划: We offer the option to budget your semester bill into equal monthly installments over the course of the semester.
    • 学生贷款: Sallie Mae has extended its undergraduate Smart Option Student Loan program to eligible CQ9电子游戏 ARP students. This program is only available to students of U.S. 公民身份或永久居留权. (All eligible students who have been extended an invitation to attend the Accelerated Review 程序 will receive an email with all pertinent financial aid information.)


    The financial aid office is open Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 5:00 pm ET

    t: / e: finaid@umhs-sk.净

    Elissa Schoening - Director of 金融援助 (ext. 320)



    Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan

    CQ9电子游戏 has partnered with Sallie Mae to offer their Smart Option student loan program to CQ9电子游戏 students of U.S. 公民身份或永久居留权. 


    硫磺山圣. 克里斯多福


    St. 克里斯多福

    Sallie Mae Smart Option loan program

    The Sallie Mae Smart Option loan is a private educational loan. This means that it is not subsidized by the federal government, nor is an approval guaranteed. The lender’s decision to approve a loan request will be based on the student’s (and any cosigner’s) creditworthiness as displayed by the data in their credit report. This may also include a review of the applicant’s debt-to-income ratio.

    Features of the Smart Option Loan 程序:

    • 简单的在线申请
    • Three repayment options to choose from, including deferring until after graduation or making minimum monthly payments while in school.
    • 有竞争力的利率, with the choice of a variable or fixed rate once your request is approved
    • Up to 20 years to repay with no prepayment penalties
    • 提供3年的宽限期
    • Up to 48 months of residency and internship deferment

    There is no cosigner requirement; however, applying with a creditworthy cosigner may help you qualify and/or receive a lower interest rate. 

    Please wait until you receive your financial aid package email with all specific instructions for your term of interest before you apply for any loan.